Never really all that interested,
But I find myself telling her how beautiful she is anyway.
Cause it’s true.
All women are, in one way or another.

There’s always something about every damn one of you.
There’s a smile, a curve, a secret.
You ladies really are the most amazing creatures.
My life’s work.

But then there’s the morning after,
the hangover and the realization that
I’m not quite as available
As I thought I was the night before.

And then she’s gone.
And I’m haunted by yet,
another road
not taken.

Sex, poetry and rock and roll for all of you.


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Hace unas semanas me propusieron escribir un relato que reflejase la importancia que tienen los animales en las causas sociales. El proyecto reunía diferentes escritores, ilustradores y correctores...

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