Let’s write something that really matters. Let’s write about something that I(you) don’t want to hear.

Everything it’s fake. Everything. And we still playing and pretending that is real. But is not. It’s totally fake. All is a joke. All is about a game that you believe that is real, but is not. Just think a bit and analyze what the fuck the world is doing.

We are just following stupid rules, made of a stupid culture, made of stupid costumes, made of stupid countries that are delimited by borders that are actually made of historical rivers of blood.

That’s what we are, a stupid succession of facts that made each generation and we have been growing and feeding each decade until we made it a way of life. That’s so stupid. We are stupid. We are the next level of stupidity. The kind of that has been following generation to generation to perfect the best formula of stupidity ever.
And that’s what we are. A work chain of shameless

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